Toe Jam Music

    In March of 1988 Toe Jam Music was established as a partnership between Tony and Jose Melendez. The two brothers’ have worked together to establish a management company to administrate all of Tony’s appearances and to support and develop a career as a musician and singer. Toe Jam Music was inspired because of a moment shared by Pope John Paul II and Tony Melendez in Los Angeles in 1987. The Pontiff was so moved by his music he leaped off a four-foot stage to embrace Melendez with the kiss that was seen around the world. Then saying to him, "Tony you are truly a courageous young man, my wish is that you continue to give hope to all the people". These words from such a strong leader of the church commissioned Tony Melendez as a hope-giver of life.

    Overnight the phone started ringing off the hook with engagements and offers, overwhelming then twenty-five-year-old Melendez. Looking for help and guidance he turned to friend and mentor Fr. Michael Manning who eventually lead him to the Brokaw Company (Management and Publicist). The Brokaw Company stepped in along with Toe Jam Music for several years giving Tony's career credibility and a higher level of management. Plus, William Morris talent agency helped Melendez with bookings and high society engagements.

    Toe Jam Music is now family-owned and run. Tony Melendez is known as a contemporary Christian artists, entertainer, musician, and keynote speaker. Jose Melendez administrates, is a sound engineer, and manages the calendar. Lynn Melendez (Tony’s wife) is marketing director of Tony show (A Gift of Hope – The Tony Melendez Show) in Branson MO. Anna Melendez (Jose’s wife) is products and sales director for the Melendez company.

    Together we believe in high standards and good morals. We attempt to make music that feeds the soul and not just entertains! Tony Melendez is known around the world as a hope-giver and considers this a gift handed down from the heavens. "Music was handed down to me." I (we) intend to be instruments, servants, and people of integrity.


Manager  -  Jose Melendez  -  (417) 598-0607  -

Assistant  -  Pat Smith  -  -  (970) 381-4036

Tony Melendez  -

P.O. Box 856

Branson, MO 65616

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